EECS 485: Web Systems

The University of Michigan
Fall 2023

A holistic course of modern web systems and technologies, covering front end and back end. Build an Instagram clone in the first half of the semester and a Google clone in the second. Syllabus

Final Exam Announcements:
  • The final exam is Friday, December 8 at 7-9pm ET. Details about the location and policies can be found on Piazza. Final Exam Information
  • Office hours will be group format on Thu 12/7 and Fri 12/8.

This Week

Final Exam
Dec 8, 7pm
Room Assignments
Final Exam Review
Exam repository
Practice exams from past semesters
Slides and Demos
Studio recordings


Day Lecture Lab Deadline
Week 1
Aug 28 - Sep 1

L01 Introduction

L02 Static Pages

Project 1 Intro
Week 2
Sep 4 - 8

L03 Server-side Dynamic Pages

L04 Sessions

Project 1 due Sun Sep 10 11:59pm
Week 3
Sep 11 - 15

L05 Encryption

L06 Web Security

Project 2 Intro
Week 4
Sep 18 - 22


L08 Client-side Dynamic Pages

Project 2 due Sun Sep 24 11:59pm
Week 5
Sep 25 - 29

L09 Client-side Applications

L10 Asynchronous Programming

P3 Intro and Rest APIs
Week 6
Oct 2 - 6

L11 MapReduce

L12 Google File System
(last lecture on midterm)

Asynchronous Programming and React
Week 7
Oct 9 - 13

L13 OS and Parallelism

L14 Networking

React Best Practices and Debugging
Project 3 due Sun Oct 15 11:59pm
Week 8
Oct 16 - 20

No lecture - Fall Break

No lecture

No lab
Week 9
Oct 23 - 27

No lecture

L15 Text Analysis for Web Search

No lab
Midterm Tue Oct 24 7pm
Week 10
Oct 30 - Nov 3

L16 Link Analysis for Web Search

L17 Scaling Search

Project 4 Intro and MapReduce
Week 11
Nov 6 - 10

L18 Scaling Static Pages

L19 Scaling Dynamic Pages

Multithreaded Debugging
Project 4 due Sun Nov 12 11:59pm
Week 12
Nov 13 - 17

L20 Scaling Storage

L21 Recommender Systems

Project 5 Intro and MapReduce Pipelines
Week 13
Nov 20 - 24

L22 Ads and Auctions

No lecture - Thanksgiving

No Lab
Week 14
Nov 27 - Dec 1

L23 Blockchain

L24 Dark Web

Inverted Index Servers
Project 5 due Sun Dec 3 11:59pm
Week 15
Dec 4 - 8

No lecture

No lab
Final Fri
Dec 8 7pm


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