EECS 485: Web Systems

The University of Michigan
Fall 2022

A holistic course of modern web systems and technologies, covering front end and back end. Build an Instagram clone in the first half of the semester, and a Google clone in the second.


Welcome to EECS 485, Fall 2022!

This Week

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In-person Lecture
Tue, Thu 10:30 in 1571 GGBL
Remote Lecture
Watch the videos any time, then discuss in office hours.
In-person Office Hours
Thu 1:30 - 3 in 2705 BBB
Remote Office Hours
Tue 1:30 - 3
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In-person Lecture
Tue, Thu 4:30 in 1670 BBB
Tue, Thu 6:00 in 1670 BBB
Remote Office Hours
Tue, Thu 7:30 - 8:30
Project 1

Templated Static Site Generator

Due Sun Sep 11
In-person Lab
See calendar below
Remote Lab
One lab will be recorded
Staff Office Hours
In-person Office Hours
Mon and Thu, see calendar
Virtual Office Hours
Tue, Wed, and Fri, see calendar
Exam repository
Practice exams from past semesters
Extended time request
Send us your SSD documentation

All times are listed as Ann Arbor local time (ET)

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All times are listed as Ann Arbor local time (ET)

Day Lecture Lab Deadline
Week 1
Aug 29 - Sep 2

L01 Introduction

L02 Static Pages

Project 1 Intro
Week 2
Sep 5 - 9

L03 Server-side Dynamic Pages

L04 Sessions

Project 1 due Sun Sep 11 11:59pm
Week 3
Sep 12 - 16

L05 Encryption

L06 Web Security

Project 2 Intro
Week 4
Sep 19 - 23


L08 Client-side Dynamic Pages

Project 2 due Sun Sep 25 11:59pm
Week 5
Sep 26 - 30

L09 Client-side Applications

L10 Asynchronous Programming

Project 3 Intro and REST APIs
Week 6
Oct 3 - 7

L11 MapReduce

L12 Google File System

Asynchronous Programming and React
Week 7
Oct 10 - 14

L13 OS and Parallelism

L14 Networking

React Best Practices and Debugging
Project 3 due Sun Oct 16 11:59pm
Week 8
Oct 17 - 21

No class - Fall Study Break

No class

No lab
Week 9
Oct 24 - 28

No class

No class

No lab

Midterm Tue Oct 25 7pm
Week 10
Oct 31 - Nov 4

L15 Text Analysis for Web Search

L16 Link Analysis for Web Search

Project 4 Intro and MapReduce
Week 11
Nov 7 - 11

L17 Scaling Web Search

L18 Scaling Static Pages

Multithreaded Debugging
Week 12
Nov 14 - 18

L19 Scaling Dynamic Pages

L20 Scaling Storage

Project 5 Intro and MapReduce Pipelines
Project 4 due Tue Nov 15 11:59pm
Week 13
Nov 21 - 25

No class - Thanksgiving Break

No class - Thanksgiving Break

No lab

Week 14
Nov 28 - Dec 2

L21 Recommender Systems

L22 Ads and Auctions

Inverted Index Servers
Week 15
Dec 5 - 9

L23 Blockchain

L24 Dark Web

No Lab
Project 5 due Tue Dec 6 11:59pm
Final Exam
Final Mon
Dec 12 7pm


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